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We all have a story, and all of our stories are just reflections of who God is and what His story is. I love the fact that we all found Jesus (maybe too big of a presumption on my part that people reading this book already know Him, but I guess we’ll see), or better yet, that He found us, through a variety of channels. Whatever the reason we started our walk with Him is, the important part is that we are now doing life with Him. The problem we sometimes run into–I’ve most definitely run into it before–is that we expect our walk with Him to remain the same, in looks and feelings, through the entirety of life. Odds are we have all experienced the streams of the living water in our lives since we welcomed Jesus in because that’s who He is and what He promises. So when we reach a desert or blank pages of sorts, we are confused or frustrated and simply uncomfortable.

An Ordinary Saturday is an inspiring book that reminds readers to choose Jesus always and hold on to the hope God provides. During your walk with God, Sunday always comes, but that does not mean the rest of our days are wasted.