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An Ordinary Saturday

Consider Moses the nomad and David the shepherd or perhaps Mary the alabaster seeker and Zacchaeus, the tax-collecting tree climber. Scripture is rich with broken and ordinary people who chose to follow Jesus even in the midst of less than ideal circumstances. The Bible is overflowing with disciples who chose Jesus through the Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays of their lives.

When following Jesus, there are seasons abundant in victories, but there are also seasons heavy with doubt and despair. An Ordinary Saturday is full of mistakes made and lessons learned by one of God’s beloved daughters, all centered on Scripture to show that although we are broken, He makes us whole. Author Hailey Brianna made a lot of wrong turns but always ended up exactly where she needed to be because of God’s grace and provision.

There will always be moments in our lives when we’re asked to wait on God in the desert. The question is, how do we respond when facing the gap between where we are and where we want to be? When all hope seems to wither, we must remember we worship the Giver of Hope, Jesus Christ.